How to get a United States Phone Number Free to call and text

I know that most people would have been thinking that is this possible? I have come to tell you that it is very well possible. Follow the steps below…

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Did you know that it is quite very easy to get a Us number that can be used to send and receive both Calls and Messages no matter whether you are in Nigeria or any part of the World without United States of America.

All you need is to download the app called Groove IP via this link.

Note that’s not all

You have to get Windscribe VPN via thisDownload Windscribe vpn here

If you have gotten this tools you have no problem.


Firstly you have to connect your vpn to USA’

Secondly lauch the app after downloading and installing the groove ip app, sign up and verify that you aren’t a robot.

Thirdly after signing and verifying that you aren’t a bot you will be asked to pick a state number code E.g 345 then after picking the code your number will then be allocated to you, which can be used to call, send both text messages and to make calls and also to use it to verify anything at all

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